Tasmanian Roosts: Discover Chicken Coops in Hobart 

Tasmanian Roosts: Discover Chicken Coops in Hobart


In the charming city of Hobart, tucked away on the beautiful island of Tasmania, lies a unique and fascinating world of chicken coops. For many people, the idea of owning chickens and raising them in a backyard coop may seem simple and ordinary. However, in Hobart, the art of chicken coop design has been elevated to a whole new level. From picturesque cottages to innovative architectural masterpieces, these roosts are not only functional but also an expression of creativity and love for nature. Let us take a closer look at the fascinating world of Tasmanian roosts and explore some of the most unique chicken coops in Hobart.

The Hobart Hen Haven

Situated in the heart of Hobart, The Hobart Hen Haven is an enchanting retreat for chickens and their owners alike. This coop is a true testament to the dedication and ingenuity of its creator, with its Victorian-inspired architecture and impeccable attention to detail. The hen haven features a traditional red-brick façade, adorned with delicate white fretwork. The interior boasts a spacious lay box area, complete with a range of comfortable nesting options for the lucky hens. The Hobart Hen Haven stands as a stunning example of how practicality and aesthetics can be seamlessly blended.

The Eco-Chic Coop

For those with a passion for sustainable living and modern design, the Eco-Chic Coop is an absolute must-see. This innovative chicken coop is an architectural delight, constructed entirely from recycled materials. The walls are made of repurposed glass bottles, allowing ample sunlight to flood the interior while creating a visually striking mosaic effect. The roof is adorned with a green living roof, complete with a flourishing herb garden that provides fresh organic herbs for both chickens and their owners. The Eco-Chic Coop is not only environmentally friendly but also a true testament to the possibilities of upcycling.

The Hobart Hideaway

Nestled amongst the lush greenery of the Hobart countryside, The Hobart Hideaway is a tranquil oasis where chickens thrive. This coop takes inspiration from traditional Tasmanian farmhouses, incorporating elements of rustic charm and practicality. The exterior is crafted from locally sourced timber, blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings. Inside, the chickens enjoy a cozy nesting area, complete with reclaimed wooden perches and ample space for scratching and pecking. The Hobart Hideaway is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the importance of providing a peaceful haven for chickens to call home.

The Avian Abode

For those seeking the ultimate luxury chicken coop experience, The Avian Abode offers a lavish retreat for both chickens and their discerning owners. This opulent coop boasts a grand design, resembling a miniature mansion. Its exterior is adorned with ornate architectural details, including gilded accents and intricate wrought-iron features. The interior is spacious and lavishly furnished, with plush bedding, crystal chandeliers, and even a mini-theater for the entertainment of the pampered chickens. The Avian Abode is a testament to the idea that not only humans deserve luxuries, but our beloved feathered friends as well.


In the colorful world of Tasmanian roosts, the humble chicken coop has been transformed into a work of art and a testament to the creativity and passion of their owners. From the charming simplicity of The Hobart Hideaway to the luxurious opulence of The Avian Abode, these unique chicken coops in Hobart showcase the incredible diversity in design and functionality. Each coop is a labor of love, skillfully crafted to provide a safe and comfortable home for our feathered companions. Whether you are a chicken enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of architectural innovation, a visit to these chicken coops in Hobart is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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